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15 persons from nine European countries attended the Management Board Meeting in Bergen 26-27 June

Euro-Argo Meeting in Bergen

During the two days 26-27 June Institute of Marine Research was host for the Euro-Argo ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) Management Board meeting. 15 persons attended from nine European countries. 

The Management Board supervises the operation of the Euro-Argo ERIC and ensures that it operates and evolves in accordance with its strategic direction and the requirements set forth by the research and operational communities. The Management Board is composed of delegates from the 12 European countries (members and observer) within the Euro-Argo ERIC.

About Euro-Argo

Euro-Argo ERIC is the European component of the global Argo network. 25 organizations from 12 countries are now involved with the first main objective to maintain and consolidate the global Argo array and regional coverage of European seas, by increasing the European contribution from 150-200 floats to 250 floats/year and by consolidating the data processing system. Secondly, the Euro-Argo ERIC will prepare the evolution of Argo to address new scientific and operational challenges, and in particular start implementing the new phase of Argo with an extension towards biogeochemistry, the polar oceans, the marginal seas and the deep oceans.