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Figure 1. Last registered posi1ons of ac1ve Argo floats in the Nordic Seas

Workshop on BGC-Argo in Bergen, 1-2 November

The Argo programme has in many ways revolutionised the field of physical oceanography. The network of floats with biogeochemical sensors, called “BGC-Argo” has the same potetial for the biogeochemical-related oceanography, but is still to be fully utilised. With this is mind we will host a workshop in Bergen, with the main objetive to increase the interest and use of BGC-Argo data among Norwegian institutions. We invite anyone interested in these data, no matter the experience. 

The Argo floats include a set of various BGC-sensors and there exist several operative BGC-floats that measure all the eight variables (see Fig. 1). 

The workshop will focus on the network of BGC-Argo floats in Norwegian and Nordic waters (see Fig. 1), the availability and quality of these data, and examples of data use. We invite for presentations relating to any of these categories. Remote access will be evaluated depending on interest.

The workshop is a lunch-to-lunch event, 1-2 November, 2023, in Bergen. Registration deadline 15 September, 2023


We look forward to an inspiring workshop.

On behalf of the organising commiIee:
Emil Jeansson, Kjell Arne Mork, Ingrid Sælemyr, Siv Lauvset, Roshin Raj, Meike Becker, and Are Olsen

Date and Registration

The workshop is a lunch-to-lunch event,
1-2 November 2023, in Bergen.

Registration deadline: 15 September, 2023

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